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Nicole R
My husband is constantly fighting with me and never hear me and nothing is good, he has so much anger i just have to say he is covered narcissist, he is 59 years old but he actually acts like 3 years old 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Comment from : Nicole R

Tasmia Khan
Wow just so moved with whatever you've told. Hopefully I start behaving wiser coz I'm the one complaining😂
Comment from : Tasmia Khan

My parents have been bickering nonstop my entire life - the hateful, hyper-critical stuff that means they no longer even sleep in the same bed and no one in their lives can see a single shred of love or respect between them.

Pray for them to get divorced sooner rather than later so that they and my entire family will be happier 🙏

Comment from : entertain7us14

Kris H.
He can kiss my ass.
Comment from : Kris H.

DB Cooper
no answer is an answer with no communication with any what i believe is what I witnessed.if any justifications could be spoken they would have long ago,so if they don't want to discuss it like men then I will continue to play child's games like they did to me!!!,end story you get what you gave.hows that for your fukn karma.
Comment from : DB Cooper

Officer Jenkins
What if you’ve tried the polite request and it was basically shoved aside?
Comment from : Officer Jenkins

Shiiiiiiiitteeeeeeeee!!!! Someone who is constantly critizicing you, say farewell and move on… The blame will ALWAYS BE ON YOU.
Comment from : robbedontuesday

Tito Titoburg
I think my biggest problem is my concern that I need her to respect me long-term and when she gets passive aggressive or rolls her eyes, how am I supposed to react to that? One part of me sais "dont say anything" but that worries me because it might stay that way and if I tolerate that she will take it as lisence that she can disrespect me as much as she wants, which will transform me into a person that tolerates when others walk all over him.. But then the other part of me is "call her out on it." But when I do that it usually ends up in a fight, shes crying, im sad and a sleepless night.

I'm trying to figure out what the right balance is because I need to stay commited to this woman.

Comment from : Tito Titoburg

Foodmistrexx Vivian
Is better to be wise than right
Comment from : Foodmistrexx Vivian

Laila Empress of the East
This resonates with me because I now know what kindness and polite request does not get you, rude, hurtful words will never.... in which case lightheartedly look for another way of getting your need met.
Comment from : Laila Empress of the East

when we
Spot on felt like she was talking to me. My GF complains nonstop and my desire for her has gone to 0
Comment from : when we

Marcio Rogerio
Help find great love
Comment from : Marcio Rogerio

Marcio Rogerio
I live alone I miss a great love
Comment from : Marcio Rogerio

Marcio Rogerio
You are very beautiful you do a great job
Comment from : Marcio Rogerio

Andre Esters
Wish I heard the difference more often...
Comment from : Andre Esters

Paola Angela Soriano
"Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?" 😅💯

Thank you, Esther, for this! Need it now more than ever.

Comment from : Paola Angela Soriano

Riss Roo
I remember asking my now ex husband to do the dishes before he went to work since he generally started work later. I’d come home after he left, dishes still not done which means dinner took longer to make. I’d ask again, still didn’t do them and no matter how much I asked him and how nice I was and thanked him the seldom times he did do it, it was still rare when he did it. Thinking about it now just fills me with so much rage.
Comment from : Riss Roo

Johnathan Grey
Dude leave. Just leave the bitch.
Comment from : Johnathan Grey

Youth Flaring
My boyfriend and I are always arguing and it wrecks me. I wish he could listen to this because it is true and it is what's happening between us.
Comment from : Youth Flaring

Glam Thomas
I'm always assuming that my man is trying to be hurtful when in most cases he is not...
Comment from : Glam Thomas

Northern Sailor
Ty mowisz po Polsku?
Comment from : Northern Sailor

This was Soooo on point and enlightening!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, it is greatly appreciated and needed!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾💙💙
Comment from : TheMmiguelito

Fabian Kaufmann
All the men I know feel trapped in their relationships. They sacrifice a lot and gain very little, since they do not have exactly the same needs as women, probably. Be it only a feeling of freedom and independence that they sacrifice. Since women exercise control through feelings, I would almost say manipulation, they have not really sacrificed anything. The goal of a woman is relationship. The goal of men would be something else. Am I writing bullshit? What's going on?
Comment from : Fabian Kaufmann

rabia helle
The issue is, the first time never works.
Comment from : rabia helle

Absolutely right if you love yourselves then you stay single....because ego partner like a hell

MyUmbrella V.
That was a really really powerful clip. Thank you
Comment from : MyUmbrella V.

It's Just Cat
Damn I've been attacked 😬
Comment from : It's Just Cat

lashmagosh B
I don't use "never" & "always" because its a falsehood that leads elsewhere &deviates from the matter at hand. However, these terms are a habitual pattern of his speech
Comment from : lashmagosh B

Fi Rouz
All that shit won‘t work if you have picked a narcissist!
Run for your life!

Comment from : Fi Rouz

serge glazunov
How can you ever get changed behavior from someone who never thinks they did anything wrong?
Comment from : serge glazunov

Hahahaha... Coming out of a 5 year old relationship... All I 'EXPECTED' was she ask me what did I eat today.... I never asked anything else... But that one small thing was never met... never... and finally I was dumped... I never bickered... I simply stated my need... yet it never went anywhere.
Comment from : M M

Hema Mani
Dear Esther, I learnt a great life lesson from this video of yours. I know I killed the relationship with my boyfriend by bickering him constantly out of my own insecurity, fear and anxiety. Now our relationship is at stake. He has pulled away for me greatly. How do I fix this? Pls make a video on this. I'm sure many would benefit from this including me.
Comment from : Hema Mani

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Comment from : IKOYA OGHENEFE

Sonia Romero
I laughed when she said I don't see the question in this lol He was just talking about how his woman was so critical of him & he couldn't do anything right, including asking a question lol hes just bad with words.
Comment from : Sonia Romero

Tshegofatso Tsheole
Esther Perel, I love you!
Comment from : Tshegofatso Tsheole

Malgorzata Gregorczyk
great closing remark "It may be better to be wise than right".
Comment from : Malgorzata Gregorczyk

Charles White64
Her Intentionally Connective Emotional Intelligence' Is Hypnotic! I'm Loving Her 'Rivot Laden Velvet Healing Bridge' of The True Nurturing Premis' and Value of The Relationally Lasting Promis!🌈🌎🌍🌏🌈
Comment from : Charles White64

No, I don't WANT to be married, I want to be in a relationship with someone I can be sure cares enough about me -that is, that his actions speak.
Comment from : jackieblue04

Louis Ridgway
Truth is most women like control there husband. If he speaks back it's his fault for the bickering. You know that it's never never the wife's fault. It's always the husband fault. Best thing for men to do tune out the static and agree 100 percent to what she says. Old adage is happy wife is a happy life.
Comment from : Louis Ridgway

Nadin Ibrahim
"It may be better to be wise than right"
Comment from : Nadin Ibrahim

Terblanche Jordaan
'Needs and Expectations' will always kill a relationship. I can have needs & exceptions of myself but the moment I project this on someone else, then we are in the quicksand of the ego.
Comment from : Terblanche Jordaan

Carley Noel
Comment from : Carley Noel

Pinky Paul
Ma'am how can I motivate and make my man bf to be loyal
Comment from : Pinky Paul

Cheick Ahmed Touré
Ok, instant subscribe. Really loved your explanations on Kavlan.
Comment from : Cheick Ahmed Touré

o o
Esther is gorgeous lol
Comment from : o o

Foluke Ishola
Merci pour ce clip! It sinks straight into me. Bedankt!
Comment from : Foluke Ishola

Junior Orldel
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Comment from : Junior Orldel

Jennifer Saldarriaga
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanmmmmnnnn! Booomm! I loved this!
Comment from : Jennifer Saldarriaga

L Rodben
Dear Esther, could it be possible that these short videos be translated or subtitled in different languages? You're so wise, that your words need to reach as many individuals as possible! Latin America tends (I'm not generalising) to be very reactive rather than reflective and this starts, now I see, in their everyday relationships. Thank you for your wisdom and may you keep on sheding light on these matters. The world needs you.
Comment from : L Rodben

Mia Hughes
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Comment from : Mia Hughes

Joëlle Damen
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Comment from : Joëlle Damen

Mark Jamson
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Comment from : Mark Jamson

I wish I had found this woman years ago. I think my life would be very different.
Comment from : RatTaxi

That's how I know I love my husband. Complementing him (and often) comes so naturally <3
Comment from : Rachel

Nisreen Hameed
Extremely powerful msg
Esther u r the best relationship expert

Comment from : Nisreen Hameed

Jeanette Kniebusch
I would LOVE to know your tak ed on this not normal husband weve been together since college 35 years. He started going out drinking even on weeknights 4 years ago. Ignorantly didnt come home until quarter to 4 never called me all day to tell me he was even going to be home late in 35 years never been do ride I thought he was dead or injured I freaked out anxiety 8 then 9 then 10 not answering phone all night I was so nstious wortied not even mad because I knew 100 percent my husband would have called me never would just not andwer the phone its midnight then 1 then 1:30 It felt like forever I thought should I call hodpitals what do I do. He waltzes in at quarter to 4 barks I got a TICKET! No explanation. Next day sorry I didnt mean to worry you. 2 days later did the same shit several times that year till 3 am knowing how upset I was no call not answering phone. Highly suspicious behavior. He finally stopped being such an assm butstopped suddenly going out to lunch during the week stopped hoing out w me at all playcated sorry I love you then its gone on for 4 years and now this year we went out a few times fir an hour then he rushed off to watch the game w his friend at a bar. I was in the ho SSF pital w sepsis. We li e accroass the st from hosp he barely visited me started screaming at me when I asked him to eat dinner w me at the hosp which would he like better salsbury steak meatloaf. I really just wanted to know which one he wanted he k EFF pt screaming and hanging up on me. I think he might hzve been thinking I was making a comment that he rudeky ate my meals w out asking in the hosp and said oh I just took 3 bites when he in fact selfishly just ate almost half my meat thats all the food I got! I did ssy something at the time yet he did it again the next day anyway. Who fors that! But when I asked him I made no mention just wanted to know which to order. He SABATOGED over the years every aspect of marriage. Not sleeping in same bed. Stopped renting movies stopped watching anyrhing together but we did ho out to movies and to eat evrry weejend for 35 years then it got even better he cane home fir lunch duddenlt took me out to lunch bars fir a drink donething new sybaris hoteks finalky he was more gun then sudd stopoed when he met this man he goes to games w Ive koked his sugar daddy. Hoes to his lake house every weekend solid for3 summers neglecting me and his son completely he even found excuses to go in ed inter or his acvount was only an hour away ect. Then thisyear he didnt go all the time but still doends every sat and sunday w this huy helping him fill his snavk machines the guy foes physicslly need hdlp, then he goes to the officeand usually a Bar to watvh th EF game. When they go to the lake house he hirs to bars will be out at 10 yet w me always would say hes too tierd even yrs ago refused to ho out to dinner even at 5 its too late@ he will come home and dleeo at 4 or 5. So boting. Im a night owl always alone ever weekend every night even when we used to ho out he regused to be out even at 6 or 7 yet why vould he constsntly ho out w this dude and eat dinner at a bar at 9 or later! Its infuriating. Nonsensical. Heres the REALLY IGNORANT THING BESIDES NEHLECT ME AND OUR REKATIONSHIP FOR 3 YEARS. ZND HES NEVER BEEN CONTROLLED BY SEX NOT NORMAL HES LIKE THE CHIC EVEN WHEN DATING. HE THEN STARTED SAYING YEA SURE WD WILL DO SOMETHING TOMOR RTT OW THEN LET ME GET READY ABD CONE HOME AT 2 OR 3PM ON SAT AND SUNDAY ABD YELL IM TOO TIERD GO UPSTAIRS AND LAYDOWN. WE STZRTED WARVHING A LITTKE TV TOGETHER A HUGE IMPROVEMENT BUT HED FZLL ADKERP BUT IT WAS BETTER THAB BEFORE NOW HE DOESNT WATCH OR SNORE IN FRONT OF TV. HE SWORE TO GOD I PROMISE IM SSF ORRY WE WILL DEFINATELY DO SIMETHING TOMMORROW DID THE SAME SHIT SCREAMED BECAUSE I DC ONT WANT TO THEN ADMITTED SERIOUSLY SAYING IM ZN ASSHOKE IM DORRY WD JUST SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT YOUR RIGHT W ED WILL HO TH OMORTIW FIR SURE. NEXT DAY DID IT AGSIN. STOOD UP HIS WIFE 3 DAYS IN A ROW 3 DAY WEEKEND.EARLIER TGAT WEEK HE SWORE ON HIS KIDA LIFE WR WILL DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK FOR SURE PROB THURS. HE ALWAYS TELLS ME ILL CALL YOU THEN DOESNT LIKE ASHIITY BOYFRIEND TELLS ME ILL CALL YOU BACK IM TRYING LIKE HES JUST GOT SO MUCH WORK AT THE OFGICE ON A SAT THEN LAST TIME HE DID THIS AFAIN TO ME HE WENT TO A BAR INSTEAD AND TOLD ME WE DIDNT HAVE REAL PLANS. I NEVER WOULD HAVE EVEN DATED SUCH AN ASSHOKE HE PULLED THIS AFTER MORE THAN 35 YEARS I WOULD HAVE SWORN HED NEVER BE LIKE THIS I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF SUCH WEIRD TREATMENT OF YOUR EIFE ITS LIKE HES MARRIED TO THIS DUDE! HES VERY JECKLE AND HYDE W SAY I LOVE YOU ILL CHANGE BUT JUST KERP SAYING I DINT KNIW WHEN IM LIKE WHY DID YOU RUIN EVERYTHING THAT'S ACCURATE HE INSIST ON CONTROLLING EVERYTHING. HE COULD HO OUT W THAT HUY AND THEN WD HO OUT TO EAT A MOVIE ONCE IN A WHIKE WE WENT OUT 2 WEEKENDS IN A ROW AND IM THINKING WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS TO HOW IT WAS THEN HE STARTS W THIS SHIT AGAIN. IM A STAY AT HOME MOM HE HAS ALL THE CONTROL AND I RESLLY RESENT HIM RUINING FOUR YEARS OF WEEKENDS AND RUINING HIW IT WAS. I CANT EVEN GET AN ANSWER ON WHY HE SUDDENLY STARTED BEING MORE FUM COMING OUT FOR LUNCH FOR 25 YEARS HE REFUSED TO GO OUT TO LUNCH W ME EVEN WHEN I WAS CONSTANTLY RIGHT NEAR HIS OFFICE 2 BLOCKS FROM MY MOMS ORAT THE MALL RIGHT NEAR RESTURAUNTS W ED USED TO EAT AT ON THE WEEKEND. THEN SUDDENLY HE REFUSED THEY WRRE TOO FAR AND FOR YEARS WE HAD TO HO TO A LOC SSD L RESTURAUNT EVEN THOUGH EED GONE TO THESE OTHERS FIR 25 YEARS. ITS SO INSULTING. WHEN HES BEING NICE HE SAYS IT HAS NOTHING TO DO W ME WHEN I SAID HES FUCKED ME UP NO EXAGGERATION HES RUINED MY SELF ESTEEM MY HUSBAND REJECTS ME FOUR 4 YEARS ITS DEPRESSDING HEX LIKE DONT BE DEPRESSED IM NOT REJECTING YOU ( HE CKEARLY IS) BESIDES BEING A FOOL WHAT THE HRLL HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SUCH BIZARRE BEHAVIOR.HE COULD SOEND TIME W THAT GUY AND STILL HO OUT W HIS WIFE IVE SAID THAT IVE SSID ITS ABOUT BAK AZ NCE THID DUDE BUYS HIM TICKETS TO NOTRE DAME GAMES I TRY TO PUT MYSELF IN HIS PLACE ABD I UNDERSTAND ID EANT TO GO TO THAT SO I AKWAYS SAID HAVE A GOID TIME JUST CALL ME AND SAY GOODNIGHT HE FAIKED TO DO THAT EVERY TIME BUT TWICE AND WHY THE HELL FID HE GO FROM COMING HOME FOR LUNCH 3 OR MORE DSYS A WEEK FINALLY BEING THE HUSBAND I ZLWAYS WANTED TO THIS DPENDING ZLMOST NO TIME W YOUR WIFE. IVE EVEN SAID RELATIONSHOP EXPERYS SAY THE BEST WAY TO RUIN A MARRIAGE IS TAKE AWAY TIME DOENT TOGETHER. I THINK NOW THAT IM 52 AND AM NOT AS PRETTY WRINKLES ECT HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT ME YET I DIDNT CHANGE IN 1 WEEK BUT AS DOON AS HE MET THIS GUY IT WAS TROUBLE I HAD INTUITION THAT THIS GUY WAS NOT GOOD FOR OUR RELATIONSHIP I ASKED HIM THE FIRST MONTH IS THIS HUY WORTH FUCKING UP YOUR MARTUAFE! HES LIKE OF COURSE MOT YET SATARTED GOING STRAIGHT FROM HIS NEW HOLY ROLKER HOING TO CHURCH NEW THING THEN ADDED HOING STRAIGHT TO THE BAR EVERY SAT AND SUNDAY USED TO NEVER GO TO CHURCH THEN I FOUND OUT HED BEEN GOING FOR 6 MONTHS WHIKE WE WERE ASLE EF P. HED EVEN GO TWICE SAD SOMETIMES OR IN SAT AND SUNDAY HE HAD TO GO EVERY WEEKEND CUT OUT HOING TO MOVIES ON SAT HAD TO GET TO CHURCH YET NOW HE NO LONGER HOES AND AGSINW THE I FFG ONT KNOW AS TO WHY. YET HE TOLD ME I WAS AZ BAD CHRISTIAN NOT A RESL CHTISTIAN IF I DIDNT HO YO CHIRCH EVERY SUNDAY EVEN THOUGH ID BEEN A B EF LIEVER PRAYED MY WHOLE LIFE AND HE SAID HOD WAS AS REAL AS SANTA JUST A YEAR BEFORE. HE STARTED GOING AFTER HIS DAD DIED. HE ALSO STARTED GOING TO BARS AND JUST YELLED WELL I THATS WHAT ID LIKE TO FO! NARCACIST IF YOU CANT TELLyear he finally STOPPED GOING EVERY WEEKEND.He also mow started letting down my son he failed to get his b cert as he promised I have a phonis of getting lost he drives everywhere for wo R.C k he went out drinking 4 to 5 dsyd a week instead and claimed he was busy so my SSF on never hot his licence. Hr now failed to show up gir school events. He akways goes to this dinner we pay for before the play. I ho to every performance he ssid Ill just go tomorriw then took off for his friends lakehoyse in december to duddenly decide TGAT WEEKEND HE HAD TO TAKD IN TH EF DOCK BECAUSE HE VLAUMED IT WAS THE KAST WEEKEND THE WEATHER WOULX BE NICE GIR A WHIKE HE HAD MONTHS TO DO THIS VERY STRANGE HE ADMITTED HE COULD HAVE DONE THIS ANY OTHER TIME STUPID PLANNING AKWAYS SAYS TAPE IT TO ALL THE STUFF HES MISSED THE LAST FOUR YRS ESPECIALLY THIS YR THD PLAY HE HAS ZLWAYS COME TO THERES SEVERAL SHOWINGS HE COULD HAVE MADE IT HE DID ACTUSLLY HELP BRING IN THE FOCK I KNOW HE THREW OUT HIS BACK AND WASTED MONEY THST SHOULDNT HAVE HAD TO BE SSD OENT ON THAT HE SHOUKD HAVE MADE HIS FRIEND PAY FOR THE CHITO. MY HKASSES H AZ VE BEEN BROKEN FIR 6 MONTHS FIR THST HE SAYS W ED DONT HAVE THE MOBEY DO I WALK AROUND CANT SEE ANYTHING CKEARLY. WEAR THEM W SCOTCH TAOE ON YHE LENSE BECAUSE THATS THE ONLY WAY TO TAPE THEM TOGETHER THEYRE SO FRAGILE ZND EMVARRASING I CANT WEAR THEM PLUS THEYLL FALLOFF MY FACE. HEWOULD REPLACE THEM UMMEDIATDLY IF THEY WERE HIS GLASSES
Comment from : Jeanette Kniebusch

Watta World
The real answer is - dump her. She is a bitch.
Comment from : Watta World

Caroline Brenning
"Do you wanna be right or do you wanna be married?" Best thing ever! Subscribed.
Comment from : Caroline Brenning

Pamela Johnson Dube
Love this! Thanks 🙏🏽
Comment from : Pamela Johnson Dube

Jacqueline Conners
Love listening to you! Hopefully I can include this practice in my life ❤️
Comment from : Jacqueline Conners

Deenan TheKemon I
I was with a women for 10 years. I came home from work one day and she and all of her stuff was gone, she must have hired movers to help her she had alot of stuff. I Never saw her again, never heard from her, Gone. I had a girl leave me while I was in jail before that, when I was 18, which crushed me as well.
I dont believe in Love anymore, some people find it and some dont. The sooner some of you accept that, the better off you shall be.

Comment from : Deenan TheKemon I

dadrian morgan
Good stuff!
Comment from : dadrian morgan

Lady you have to check this out

Comment from : Every-One

I lost my Great fiancée from my lifetime only age distance because her family don't want to accept me...but it was so much painfully moments of me that she'd leave me only for a parents to looked happy...in 2018

J Lau
I like her accent
Comment from : J Lau

Enrique Alejandro
Listening to this has lifted a huge load from by mind. My last partner justified her bickering by saying it was her love-language, and I wanted to respect that but it always left me feeling horrible, worried, sad and resentful. I did feel she tried some times to say things with humour, but I also felt it was always with second meanings, with hidden intentions, because when I learned more about her emotional dynamics, I discovered a lot of unresolved issues that she wasn't communicating in an efficient and clear fashion. And so, she used cynicism, sarcasm and absolute declarations to communicate with me.

We learned a little, at least I hope so. From now on I'll definitely point out bickering as a wrongdoing, never as a healthy love-language.

Comment from : Enrique Alejandro

It's Gadfly
I'm fucking done with most people. I going my own way. Bye! Esther, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Cain scold Vashanti? I don't like Cain. He's too needy.
Comment from : It's Gadfly

Pink Pepper
Your hair cut and skin look amazing. Can't stop admiring your style.
Comment from : Pink Pepper

Wow. Great video.
Comment from : tonim

Jill Taylor
One of the most powerful pieces of advice I heard years ago and it changed my life was from Dr Phil, consider this, ask yourself 'was I a nice person to live with today?'
The only behaviour you can change is your own!

Comment from : Jill Taylor

Maria Knez
"Sancte simplicitas."
But... criticism is hatred, not love! It is wise to stay calm and quiet - but how long? I understand what you've pointed (5:08 & 5:13), the 1st sentence is a good joke, but logically... if being wise means being married, in this circumstances cannot be wise. Seems old-fashioned, non-healthy. (Dear dearest Esther, you are very wise 🌻 - I'm happy and grateful for everything you do - and I wish you peace and blessings! 🌷)

Comment from : Maria Knez

Dana Harvey
If only my ex could have seen this before she destroyed my interest in her and hence our relationship. Joke's on her, though, because she caught herpes when she cheated on me. Stupid bitch... 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Dana Harvey

Holy shit. Mind blown. Subbed.
Comment from : missyoung888

youssra driouch
Because when asking politely, it is like you want that person to the the stuff for u and contrary it is not ur own responsibility! People should be responsible, and don't try to ask o change someone, just losing ur time!
Comment from : youssra driouch

A. O'Connell
Can we talk about her acting chops in emulating an angry spouse?
Comment from : A. O'Connell

C.L. Montoya
This woman knows her stuff!
THANK YOU for posting Esther’s teachings.

Comment from : C.L. Montoya

Mary Ann Texas
Thank you I so needed to hear this 😊
Comment from : Mary Ann Texas

Comment from : NotYourGirlfriends

E Satanic
I think she is very helpful and intelligent. I also want to say she is beyond gorgeous - i will take this positive reflection and apply it to my life. She is very sexy☺
Comment from : E Satanic

Hagit Kikin
this is so amazing and mind blowing thinking - i hear you again and again. how can the Bickering and slilence treatment and anger, can be shift into this much better way of comuunicationg? how can it be done?
Comment from : Hagit Kikin

Nikolaij Brouiller
Asking a woman to stop bickering. Good luck.
Comment from : Nikolaij Brouiller

N. Control
Love your podcasts! Glad YouTube showed your video on my feed.
Comment from : N. Control

Sandra Lee
Thank you so much!!! I needed to hear this and learn this and use this. God bless
Comment from : Sandra Lee

Brooke Beck
but what do you do when you've always asked politely and things never get done - or get done WEEKS later...? ? because I'm past the point of patience but I used to do this; now I just fuss and I don't like "nagging" but the things that I asked patiently and politely and nicely like this are still not done!
Comment from : Brooke Beck

The Shining Ones
Relationships are killing relationships lol
Comment from : The Shining Ones

"You might be RIGHT,BUT,IT AIN'T gonna get you what you want " 😁😁😉😉🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤👊🏾👊🏾
Comment from : TheMmiguelito

Lieve Guastavino
Yes! That's a good piece of advice! It's better to be wise than to be right... if you want to remain married!
Comment from : Lieve Guastavino

Johnny Appleseed
You are so spot on, Ms. Perel.
Thank you for your transparency.

Comment from : Johnny Appleseed

arnie ts
fantastic video and great tips and reminders. I was taught to use the 3 F's (facts, feelings, and fair request) in an argument: state the fact "I have been waiting for you" (please don't say "you are late" as it is judgmental, accusing and using "you are" most often kicks the other person in self-defense), then state your feelings "that makes me feel x, y or z", make your request "I would feel much better if you can you please leave 10-15 min earlier going forward so you arrive earlier as well". Be prepared for a possible "no", but most people will comply with your request, because most people want to help others. Now it does take time to change a bad habit/behavior. Some say 4 weeks, others 12. It varies from person to person. So if you've been doing this "you never...", "you always..." as Dr Perel describes then please don't expect the next argument to instantly go wrinkle free... It takes a lot of effort, many trials-n-horrors... Tip: put a note on the refrigerator with some reminders... Also a 10-15 minute break during an argument can really help: break up the argument by each going to a separate room to think only about what the other person's point/argument is/are. Then come back and state what you think the other person is feeling and what he/she is trying to say. You can do this well during a walk: walk-n-talk does wonders. The walking helps neutralizing a lot of emotions and calms the nerves. What all of this does is becoming considerate and compassionate: care about the other, don't put yourself first, and try to understand the other person's side of the argument (why is he/she doing what he/she does, or why is he/she saying what he/she says), because both sides of an argument are always equally valid, should be heard, respected, and taken seriously.
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wow. simply ASK for what you want...
Comment from : amazingyear

FeelGood Within
Thankx so much Esther
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Mark Sconce
Anthony, this is really bad advice. Followed, she will lose even more respect for you. Set your boundary or leave.
Comment from : Mark Sconce

NeedToKnow Truth
Do you do private sessions?
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Parul Singh
I fight so much that my boyfriend avoids me as much as possible....he is not breaking up becoz he loves me...pls suggest me something....
Comment from : Parul Singh

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Annabel Goodby
Gosh there’s nothing sexier than an intelligent woman, is there?
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a clementine
what if you ask politely and they say no
Comment from : a clementine

Celebration Of Arts
Ohhh, but I wanna be right and married .
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Hanna Long
Fantastic explanation but I think sometimes the problem in relationships the problem is the fact that a person has to ask for things to be done instead the other persons just doing it them out of love and care and that’s when they feel neglected because they have to ask to be cared for ...
Comment from : Hanna Long

Sara Bovo
I want this woman as a therapist. But she is fully booked
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